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Vision and Mission


Our vision is to promote quality education accessible to all sections of the society without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, gender and religion and helps students to discover their true potential.


To provide integrated, continuous and wholesome development of students by equipping them with knowledge and skills, social values and ethics, scientific attitude and orientation for lifelong education and mould them into useful citizens of the society. To create an environment conducive to inhabitating their total involvement and participation of the students, faculty, staff and management. In making the institution into a centre of excellence by imparting quality technical education and also arm the students with the competence to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and entrepreneurship in the highly competitive global market.


  1. To strive for getting best ranks of incoming students (admissions through convener) with 10% improvement every year.

  2. To strive for improving academic performance of students in every branch by 10% and will be reviewed once in a year. (batch wise-result)

  3. To strive for 25% of students in getting distinction from the passed outs from each branch, will be reviewed once after getting semester results.

  4. To maintain average student satisfaction level from every branch(subject wise), by feedback above 85% & will be reviewed before every mid/semester examination.

  5. To conduct tutorial classes regularly to adress personal level doubts and queries raised by students.[In regular working hours]

  6. To strive for conducting remedial classes and make up classes to help academically weak students after working hours.

  7. To provide training to teaching faculty & will be reviewed once in the beginning of every academic year.

  8. To strive for placements from each departments by 50% from (eligible students) final year pass outs & will be reviewed after getting placements information.

  9. To strive for imparting 40% of student passed outs (pre-final) to higher studies will be reviewed once in a year.

  10. To strive for publishing at least 2 papers from each department (from students & faculty), will be reviewed once in a year.

  11. To strive for conducting 4 guest lectures/2 technical seminars in every semester,will be reviewed once in a semester.

  12. To improve social responsibility in students, by imparting moral and ethical values.

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