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St.Peter's Engineering College established in 2007 with a mission to offer quality education for the students with the objective of bringing Engineering education to the doorsteps of every individual. Growth of the college is reflected in the improvement of student enrolment that figures about 2000+ at present. SPEC has spacious RCC buildings to accommodate the classrooms and laboratories. Top management (Chairman,S&C), Principal, A.O, qualified eminent and experienced faculty and other staff are available.Apart from teaching the faculty members attend National level seminars ,conferences,refreshers courses,workshops ,present various technical papers at different platforms. JNTU-H has granted affiliation at UG level for ECE,EEE, CSE, ME, CE and PG level for M.Tech in Electrical Power Systems with sufficient strength of skilled teaching & non-teaching faculty. SPEC has a privilege of having good faculty in all departments.

St.Peter's Engineering College is a nurturing ground for an individual's overall development that enables them to effectively contribute to the new vibrant society in the new environs . This premier abode of higher learning offers a good quality teaching faculty-learner programs for the student to excel and make them a great leader in his/her chosen areas of study for making a positive contribution to the Nation . SPEC offers courses/programs that have ample scope for research and development relevant to the general and specific needs of students.It also offers restructured Programs that reflects the spirit of changing times and needs. SPEC stands for bringing awareness on the knowledge achieved for teaching skills for the further progress and for sowing seeds on finer thoughts ,values and dreams of human race.

The major considerations addressed by goals and objectives are :

  • Higher education: The need of human being for leading a purposeful life.
  • Skill/Job oriented training:The requirement for earning a decent living.
  • Job/Self Employment:The training leads to self confidence for earning one's own living.
  • Other Skills:Aptitude,oral/verbal communication, numerical, participatory management etc., to lead a fearless and a successful life.
  • Physical and Mental health:For promoting a healthy and participatory life.
  • Awareness and values:To get a way of sensibilities and responsibilities in order to become a good citizen and to lead a qualitative life.
  • Finer understanding and skills:A deeper understanding of the content and sharpening of skills in fine arts to open new doors for self-realization.
  • Equal Opportunity:The right of every Indian child to seek education irrespective of caste,creed,community,religion and gender.
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