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In order to provide round the clock medical facilities to the students, dispensary is provided at the campus that attends to unforeseen medical emergencies.

St.Peter's Engineering College possesses a fully fledged medical dispensary under the supervision of well qualified and experienced doctors.

Key features in this regard are:

  • 24 hour medical care availability.
  • Free medicines to students & staff from the college dispensary.
  • To deal with emergency cases, college transport is available round the clock to carry the patients for treatment to the surrounding hospitals.
  • The Health Center strives to enhance each student’s well being by providing comprehensive, private health care and by encouraging informed, individual involvement on health related decisions.

Doctor Details

Doctor's Name: Dr.K.V.Ashok
Qualification: MBBS(OU)
Practicing as a family physician in Hyderabad from 1978 to 1981.

Nurse: Sunitha Devi Pal
Qualification: 4 years BSC Nursing Degree Course
Experience: 04 years

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