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Department Labs

Computer Science and Engineering Labs

CSE labs St.Peter's Engineering College provides and maintains publicly accessible computing labs in support of education, work and limited research for its faculty and students. To support these efforts, the department provides fast, unhindered network connectivity between its computer workstations and the internet.

Computer labs provide knowledge in Hardware, Networking, Open source environment, Middleware technologies, Computer graphics, Object oriented concepts like Java etc., to the students and promote them to develop software and applications in a more efficient manner. These labs are well equipped with the latest HP computers and servers with high speed internet connectivity. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of experienced faculty members and lab technicians.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs

EEE labs The department has well established laboratories with sophisticated equipment supplementing the academic needs of the students. The objective of the Electric Machine Laboratory is to impart knowledge about characteristics and behavior of the DC and AC Machines, operation of D.C. machines, transformers, synchronous and asynchronous machines and give them experimental skill, familiarize with the constructional details of different types, working principle and their performance.

This lab consists of machines such as DC machine, induction motor, induction generator, alternators, synchronous motors etc., all mounted in industrial type of assembly to give the students industrial feel.The lab facilities are being upgraded from time to time, to provide adequate opportunities for the students to learn and innovate.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Labs

ECE labs The lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge about various processors such as 8085, 8086, Microcontrollers, Pentium processors and also interfacing of these processors with other equipments. Students from ECE department and other branches of Engineering use these labs and develop their skills in the field of microprocessor and their applications. The feature and facilities available in this lab will help the students to do their projects well and enhance their knowledge on latest trends and technologies.

The Department has a variety of labs to enhance the learning of undergraduates and post graduates in their education and research. With state of the art technology, the students get hands-on experience in many aspects of their related work.

Mechanical Engineering Labs

Mechanical labs The department has different equipped labs supervised by experienced co-ordinators. There are trained technicians to help the students in performing experiments. Through the experiments performed at the labs, the students get practical knowledge. The knowledge acquired in the lab eventually equips the students to provide quality service once employed in the industry.

The department of Mechanical Engineering has a complete range of specialized laboratories with up-to-date equipment for teaching and research. Laboratories provide an environment for students to reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of Mechanical Engineering and apply that knowledge through hands-on learning using current technology.

Civil Engineering Labs

The department continues to strive hard by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students and conducting high of research.Civil engineering labs deal with the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and research of fixed structures and infrastructures such as buildings, highways, bridges, railroads, tunnels, dams and airports. A civil engineer is responsible for planning and designing a project, constructing the project to the required scale,and maintenance of it. These labs provide students the knowledge to deal and deliver solutions to problems involving traffic, water supply, sewer, flood control, and the environment.

Humanities and Sciences Labs

English Language Communication Skills Lab (ELCS Lab)

ELCS labsIndustry demands and needs keep changing; a job seeker has to learn the skills based on the changes and requirements. The lab trains students on improvising communication skills, soft skills, life skills etc. from first year itself. H&S lab is well equipped with the requirements; a numerous multimedia learning sources are available like audio cassettes for listening skills and neutralization of accent. 60 systems in the lab fixed with advanced multimedia technologies which support all kind of e-resources which students can take benefit of.

The Interactive Communication Lab (IC Lab) aids communication skills development. It has a Public Address System (with roof fixed speakers), an LCD Projector, a handy cam and a television to record and replay the performance of each student during presentations.

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Physics lab The Engineering Physics Laboratory is one of the major laboratories of the department. The basic focus in the lab is to develop scientific temper and encourage students to innovate in diverse technical areas for better understanding of technical and Engineering problems. Engineering Physics Lab enables the budding Engineers to practically understand the fundamentals of theory through a vast range of experiments. Experiments are conducted in the laboratory with the aim of making the students effectively use mathematical, scientific, and modern Engineering tools. Apart from the basic experiments, a separate dark room is established for performing Newton rings experiment, diffraction grating and other laser optics related experiments.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Engineering Chemistry lab The Engineering Chemistry Laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall including a store room for safe keeping of explosive and corrosive chemicals in view of the laboratory's safety. Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with reagent racks and well connected with water supply and burners. The experiments prescribed by JNTU-H have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual student can conduct single experiments independently and multiplicity of gadgets are avoided ensuring maximum resource utilization. The students conduct their lab assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one laboratory assistant and one laboratory attendant.

C Programming and Data Structures Lab

This lab is dedicated to 1st year students for execution of ā€˜Cā€™ Programs and IT workshop. The lab introduces the students to the world of programming and coding. The lab is well equiped with sufficient number of systems and pre-installed system softwares that aids the students to perform and execute their lab assignments effectively. The students are assisted by the respective faculties and lab assistants throughout the lab hours.

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